The world renowned Slope Stability Symposium will be held in Seville, Spain on the April 11-13, 2018 Seville, Spain.

Seville is the capital city of the Andalucía region, where mining dates back to Roman times.

Birthplace of Rio Tinto and modern mining techniques, the Iberian Pyrite Belt is also home to dozens of well-known mine pits, the most famous of these, Corta Atalaya, was during operations, the largest open pit in the world, developing and evolving geotechnical knowledge in large scale excavation towards new frontiers.

In addition to the historic Rio Tinto mine pits, close by are the open pit mines of Cobre Las Cruces (just 15kms), Los Frailes and Agua Blanca, as well as the underground mines of Aguas Teñidas, Magdalena and Sotiel. The conference will offer the opportunity to visit some of these historic mines and provide information “on the ground” as to the Best Available Techniques and Practices (BAT/BAP´s) being implemented in modern Spanish mines.

A number of years have passed since the publishing of “Guidelines to Open Pit Slope Design”. This conference now aims to consolidate the knowledge gained over the years and show how techniques have improvement over the last decade or so providing real and evidenced results. It also aims to provide direction for further improvements in the future.

Overall this three day conference will bring together mining, civils, geotechnical, geological, hydrogeological and geophysical engineers to explore new techniques with the aim of improving open mine stability.