The Official Professional Association of Mining Engineers of the South has been entrusted by the National Association of Mining Engineers (ANIM) to organize the 14th International Congress on Energy and Mineral Resources.


This Congress represents a great opportunity to disseminate the major developments that have taken place in the different fields in which Mining Engineers have well-recognized profesional qualifications, such as energy, mining and all those related to water.


This next edition of the Congress will include the organization of the “Slope Stability in Open Pit Mining and Civil Engineering” with Workshops by the ACG (Australian Centre for Geomechanics) during the two days prior to the event and in the same Congress venue. All this will make the event even more attractive and should attract more attendants, since there is one single registration fee that will allow for participation at both events.


Moreover, the Congress is even more appealing since it is going to be held in a city with a tremendous charm, Seville, in the middle of an incomparable tourist destination considering the emblematic cities with a great historic relevance that are close to it and –additionally- the proximity to our beautiful neighbour country, Portugal.


The Scientific and Executive Committees of the Congress, as well as the Congress Group  formed  in  our  Professional Association, are currently working in the management of the event. They are trying to include in the final Programme the largest possible number of Communications on the improvements in technology, incorporating the large amount of innovations that have taken place in all of the sectors mentioned above in order to discuss them more comprehensively during the Congress.


A clear indicator of the relevance for the region of the sectors addressed by the Congress is represented by the multiple innovative energy facilities built across Andalusia, as well as the operation of all the mining projects in the Iberian Pyrite Belt. Their potential and development is evidenced in the editions of the MMH (Metallic Mining Hall) held in Seville every two years.
In this letter, I want to thank ANIM for the trust they have placed in our Official Association for the organization of an event of such magnitude, and I would also like to encourage you all to plan your attendance to the Congress. We are fully convinced that you will enjoy your participation.


We are looking forward to seeing you and giving you our warmest welcome.


Felipe Lobo Ruano

Dean of Official Professional Association of Mining Engineers of the South and President of the Regional Group of Mi-ning Engineers of the South